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Magadistudio is an experienced mobile app development company based in Spokane, Washington.  We partner with you to design, develop and launch your applications for iOS, Android, and HTML5.

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Elegant, Efficient and Robust Apps


Beyond just the technical programming side of things, we bring your ideas to life with creative, elegant, efficient, user-friendly design. From graphics to color palettes – if you can envision it, we can design it.

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Elegant, Efficient and Robust Apps


Whether the platform is iOS, Android, or HTML5, we’ve built it. Native? Web? Hybrid? We’ve done that too. Enterprise apps, medical apps, educational apps, social apps, lifestyle apps, health apps, news apps, games – we’re not picky. The range of our published apps – those for our clients and those developed in-house – demonstrate the wide breadth of our experience.

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Rapid Development

From the initial idea to its final publication, we work with you from the ground-up. Working efficiently and effectively, we stick to a reasonable, agreed upon schedule and get your product to you in a timely fashion.

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Solving problems is what we do best. We listen to your ideas, needs, and wants in order to architect your vision. Not quite sure what you want? Stuck on something that is close, but not quite right? No worries, through discussion with you we’ll figure it together and find solutions to get things working. No matter the complexity of the problem, we will put great effort into rapidly finding the perfect solution for your situation.

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Elegant, Efficient & Robust Apps!

Magadistudio mobile apps have certain characteristics – elegance, efficiency and robustness, to name a few – that distinguish them from other apps in the market.

Our quality apps are well-designed and stylish and utilize minimal resources, while performing flawlessly and reliably for the life of the app.

  • Elegant 100%
  • Efficient 100%
  • Robust 100%

 Platform Experience

We specialize in mobile development for all major platforms – iOS, Android, HTML5, and more. From start to finish: strategizing, designing, developing, managing, deploying, and marketing – we do it all and we do it well. Let us build a solution to your problem. Let us materialize your vision.

Yes, we develop Mobile Games too!

The mobile game industry is booming! With multiple games on our roster, let us lend our experience in developing your game idea. Whether you want an educational game or just some arcade fun, we will walk you through the process of designing an entertaining and engaging game. From refining your initial idea, designing beautiful graphics, finding the right sound effects, and publishing it in the appstore – we’ll take care of you through the whole process.

Mobile Design and Game development - We do it all

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